Jung von Matt/Next - Wall


Written on 10:10:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Fortunately, I found this website and it is very interesting. It's called the nextwall by Jung von Matt/Next. Jung von Matt/Next is the Jung von Matt agency for interactive and innovative communication. There are 2 projects which blew my mind.

1. The 30 meter-long graffiti - It's not just the same old graffiti wall but it's embedded the mobile phone technology and RFID technology so the people can interact with the wall. Many German graffiti artists were invited to join the project. They did really a good job. See some images from the website below.2. Free Graffiti - I think this project crumbles the fact that Graffiti need to be sprayed or created on a wall or solid material only. People who came up with this idea is really smart. They use three cameras and motion capturing technology to create a 3D free-form graffiti. See the video below how it looks like.