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iPhones are already landed on Jun29. It seems like people in the US are being in iPhone phenomenon. Here are some my iPhone observations....
1. A Japanese couple living in CA reported and took some photos in front of Apple store on iDay,
2. Gapingvoid also drew something about iPhone,
3. A
video from Hawaii at Apple store, i think.
4. People put "i" infront of everything, here.
5. iGot iPhone tee, here.
6. The collection of iPhone cartoons by cartoonistgroup, here.

Can you believe that i searched iPhone on technorati and the posts kept coming every minute. (pic via)

Facebook's Polls


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I have been missing reading polls. I like the poll in Facebook like this one. It's kind of free small homemade research with 1000 responses. It may be useful some day.

The current one is "Are you going to get an iPhone ?" They also break down the result by age and sex. It looks like a normal poll with cross tabulation.

When I was young...


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Whitney Houston's "greatest love of all" song states - I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

I truly believe it. Although my face as i was a kid looks boring.

Bangkok Coffee Meeting


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Bangkok Planners Meeting! Rock it.

When : June 28, 2007. After work.
Where : Basilico restaurant, Soi Sukumvit 33 near BTS prompong station. (Tel. 02-6622323)

Everybody is welcome, This time let's talk about Cannes2007 while it's still fresh in our head.



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Perspective (n.) = A view or picture of something, the relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole.

I bet this word is very essential for people like us. Sometimes we approach our problems with a different perspective and we get better solution. Big picture V. Detail is all about perspective.

And Chris Jordan, a photographer who now has an exhibition at the Von Lintel Gallery in New York, got his own perspective and is showing us his photographic arts. The fusion between arts and statistics is quite awesome. See the example of his inspiring works below. The below images come with the fact, "Depicts two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes." See them with your perspective.

Did you know?


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My lovely Friday began with going to the US. embassy and I said yeah yeah yeah - I got a visa. After the perky moment in front of many people at the embassy, I took a cab to Siam Ocean World. Why? I got 50% discount for the ticket. I spent 2.5 hours there in exploring, musing, observing, thinking, and seeing many things. I got one thing to share from the Aquasearch, an intelligent machine providing information about ocean, fishes, and sea creatures.

Did you know? To keep the fish in the aquarium in good health, they are fed green peas. They form a nutritious substitute for some of the aquatic plants the fish might feed on in the wild.

You can see my pics from the aquarium
here. (Johanna, I took some photos of seahorses too.)

Bangkok Coffee Meeting


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Next Bangkok Coffee Meeting will be held....

When?? June 21, 2007 around 7.00pm.
Where?? Uomasa restaurant, Thonglor Soi 13 (In Nimonhura Japanese Village)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to join this meeting this week. I think we will talk a bit about this and other things.

Have a nice weekend


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Will I dump Google?


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We heard "Do you Yahoo?" then we heard "Do you Google?" For me, Google is my everything - my encyclopedia, second opinion, information mining, solution, slang, daily life. Until today, the day that i found Quintura, i think i like it (well, not enough to dump Google coz Quintura is still in beta.)

I admit that Google search is good but Quintura is beyond that. Quintura is a visual search engine based on Yahoo search engine. A search returns both a list of search results and a tag cloud. The tag cloud contains the original search terms surrounded by related tags. They apply clustering approach into the system. After playing around, i found it smart and helpful. But the design and layout of website are still lame.

Let me tell you something more graphic. When i entered "Carat"term in the search box and clicked enter, the left part of the screen showed the tag cloud of "Carat" term and on right-hand side was the search results.

Carat basically is a unit of mass of gemstones but if you move your mouse icon to "service" tag, the new search results will come out to be like Carat media agency and Carat Fusion interactive agency. (yeah, i am ex-Carat) + new related tag cloud will pop up. It sounds cool, doesn't it? This clustering technique also applies to the image searching as well. The battle of search engine is about to begin like seeing Decepticon and Autobots fighting.

I am a wrong person


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Last Sunday, I went grocery shopping in the center of Bangkok. While i was walking down the skytrain station, i came to a halt in front of 2 girls in a pink uniform. One of them handed me a small box, which was a bar of baby soap inside. Oh they gave me a sample and made bewildered. "Did I look like your potential target?", I questioned myself.
Hello Marketer, you may have a good strategy but someone implemented it haphazardly. You did it, you got the good opportunity in placing your sample in my hand and other's but I am not the one. You just wasted it. Goodbye your sample.

PS. I am single, don't have a child.

Bangkok Coffee Meeting


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Bangkok Coffee Meeting for planners.

Date : June 14, 2007
Place : Krua Nai Baan restaurant, Soi Lang Suan (02-254-9888)
Time : After work around 7.00pm.

See you there and everybody is welcome.

Love for All


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I was bored this morning. So nothing better than dragging myself to the park, and taking some photos. Then I ran home and photoshop(ed) them and injected my tiny creativity. I call it "love."
Hope you love it. When the sun brightly shined on the grass, it made green greener.

Swedish Innovation


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Yesterday, I attended an exhibition, called Improving Life : The design of Swedish innovations, at Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC.) After having a lunch and homemade ice-cream, i walked around the exhibition which was not big and it seemed to be nothing really. Until i stopped at a big tube full of matches, I attentively read the description - Safety match : Previously, matches were made with yellow phosphorus, which is poisonous and dangerous - it could be lit by striking them against any surface at all. Professor Gustaf Erik Pasch replaced the yellow phosphorus with red phosphorus , and divided the chemical ingredients ; so that the phosphorus was on the side of matchbox. Because these matches could only be lit by striking them against the side of box, they were safer. It was a fascinating fact to me that i never knew it before. Also i learned about the thorsman plug - a small anchor used to fasten screws into holes that can not be threaded. Oh Swedish are great, there are many great things came from these people.I learned that innovations are not only about new technology or online-based creation, as long as they have creativity, good design, and benefits for people. They are innovations and they are all around.

Super-Bastard Box


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This designer toy, Super-Bastard Box, is mincingly perky. I wish i could have one (well, all of them.) The designer is Undoboy, an art director/senior interactive designer at Weiden+Kennedy, Portland. I like his jobs which is full of cheerfulness.

New clothes on


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I decided to change my blog template. Have a look. The picture on my blog header is the picture of my shirt - it has a greyhound logo on a chest part. I am thinking of switching other photos of my clothes on this header, let see what will happen. Also there are some small changes in details like i changed "posted" to be "dressed" and "comments" to be "clothes." My blog name is "A Closet," so nothing is better than adjusting something related. Don't forget, this closet is never full - feel free to throw your clothes in. I hope you like my concept.

Bangkok Coffee Meeting


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Bangkok Coffee Evening Meeting

Date : 7 June 2007
Venue : Le Lys 104 Narathiwas Soi 7 (02.287.1898)
Time : around 7 pm.

See you there!

Ploy ,The Movie


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Last night, I was gratefully invited by my friend and fervently went to attend a special movie premier, called Ploy. Ploy is a Thai movie, directed by Thai well-know film director, Pen-ek Ratanaruang. Ploy is a highly detailed, erotic psychological drama in which a married couple and young girl are locked inside one hotel room. It starts with subtle suspicions and builds up to jealousy, as the appearance of a young woman triggers devastating consequences for a married couple. This movie acquires much public attention here and media and entertainment industry keep an eye on because it got selected to show in Cannes Film Festival.I got some observations below.

1. I am wondering after the movie hits the public this Thursday, how many girls will go to change their hair like this young girl (curly hair)?(I saw her in person, she is cute) I truly believe that some girls will set the trend.

2. Ploy movie is very artsy. The consequence is the majority of Thai people may not like it because it can be difficult to understand which leads to the compliments on the goodness of film from people in the industry, but not money from the mainstream. As we know it, Thai people are not that complicated although they are emotionally but they want to consume entertainment in a simple way. (That's why action and comedy are their favorites)

3. My favorite quote is
A young girl : Can marriage be expired?
A husband : Yes.
A young girl : Like a canned food?
A husband : sort of, canned food has expiration date printed at the bottom but marriage has not, it just expires.

Watch me please


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Donkey's years ago, We know that the figure of ad messages viewers are exposed to has increased more and more. We have tried to solve many issues from clutter to ignorance. While some said TV is going to die, the introduction of TIVO / DVRs makes the shift in viewers' behavior. They don't just zap but fast-forward through ads also. This also caused the reluctance of NMR (here and here) to disclose the full information on DVR users because it will affect our zillion business.

In media planning (tv) side, I guess the dead of "position in break" is coming. The first spot of the break will not be a sweet deal coz people can fast-forward through the entire break. But looking on the bright side, the info of TIVO / DVRs will let us know our people in depth of their behavior and will lead us to connect them better. It gets harder. (pic via)

Deliver Magazine


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While i was reading Brand Autopsy, I found this DeliverMagazine. So what is it? It's the companion Web site to the award-winning Deliver magazine, is the leading online information resource for marketing professionals. It's nice marketing magazine and not that traditional marketing magazine. Check out this latest one. Enjoy reading them.