Onitsuka Tiger + Shin Tanaka


Written on 10:43:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Onitsuka Tiger launched new promotion via this website. It's kind of competition and collaboration from the consumer. There is an paper shoes template for download. The winner will get only one Mexico66 shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. The paper shoes template was designed by Shin Tanaka, a graffiti writer and paper toy creator. Grab a crayon and glue, do your own Tiger!

I also made mine but it's harder than i thought. It's not neat, is it?

Federico Uribe & Puma


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Check out this exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum, called Human Nature by Federico Uribe. And Puma is his conspiracy.

Working in collaboration with Puma, Uribe is a conceptual artist who has created a life-sized urban jungle entirely composed of shoes. As a conceptual artist he creates hybrid works that resist classification, while referencing art historical movements such as Pop Art. The exhibition is particularly focused on the environment, artificial and natural, longevity and ideas about the human impact on the planet.

Via this

At 200 is ok


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This is my 200th post.

I decided to write about the connection between 200 number and my life.

A cholesterol level of 200 and below is considered "Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease." A couple years ago, mine was over to 270. I was totally aware of "why." I ate too much seafood, coconut milk, sweets, and fastfood, those are the high cholesterol food that i truly love them. At that time, i decided to stop this risky behavior and started to eat something more nutritious and avoid squid and fastfood. Phew!

Bangkok Coffee Evening for Thai planners


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Bangkok Coffee Evening

Date : 25 May 2007
Venue : Cafe Primo (Soi Langsuan3, tel. 02-6521637)
Time : After work

See you there, everybody is welcome.

Trouble with MBAs


Written on 7:22:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I just read an article in Fortune magazine (30 Apr 2007), about the trouble with MBAs. The article is quite interesting and related to our future, and world's business. Here are some catchy parts from the article.

Employers are finding that freshly minted graduates lack key interpersonal skills, so B-schools are changing to ensure that quantitative geniuses also learn how to hug it out. When Jack Welch gave a guest lecture at MIT's Sloan School of Management in 2005, someone in the crowd asked, "What should we be learning in business school?" Welch's reply: "Just concentrate on networking. Everything else you need to know, you can learn on the job." Sloan's dean, Richard Schmalensee, was stunned because "Jack was essentially saying a graduate business degree was a waste of time." Not long after that visit, MIT began a curriculum rethink - dialing back on pure quantitative skills and adding more interpersonal coursework. Wharton, Tuck, Chicago, the University of Virginia's Darden, and Berkeley's Haas School, among many others, have also started stressing teamwork and are paying more attention to "soft" skills like listening to colleagues.
(see the full article here)

I think it's time to shift and re-visit the curriculum but in my deeper mind, I don't think that those "soft" skills can be taught. It can be set as a guideline, but i don't believe that interpersonal skills can be well taught. The students spent almost 20 years differently with different skill sets before they join the b-schools. Some know perfectly how to give hand-shaking, some are very talkative, some are so self-defense, those 20 years experiences shaped them to be who they are. I still think that the best interpersonal skills can be learned from the real business environment that we got real clients, suppliers, bosses, colleagues, and partners. It doesn't mean that b-schools should do nothing but try to teach them as good as they can. (pic via)

Rexona in Thailand


Written on 10:42:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Rexona (in Thailand), a deodorant brand for women, was revived and relaunched in Thailand 3-4 years ago. Since the day one, Rexona has been positioned itself as a very feminine brand, including flowers and girl's things in the key visuals. Rexona has performed quite well but the brand itself is not strong enough to compete with Nivea. It may take time to build it stronger among its women target.

Recently, Rexona launched Rexona men, a deodorant for men, into the market with the strong functional benefit and masculine appearance which i disagree. I personally think that Rexona still needs some healing because it had disappeared from the market for a long time. Launching the new product into the male target may distort the brand itself. While they are not quite good at women market, they need to focus. The bottom line is "they may loose both things."

I know that the reasons are "they see the opportunity in men's market but they don't have policies in investing their budget to create a new brand." Until then, if the brand can't survive, Unilever will revive it again and again until that brand doesn't have momentum and potential.

Apple Kingdom


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Got them in my inbox yesterday. They are amusing. (Sarcastic depiction of Apple)

My Thoughts on Adcenter Application


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I would like to share my moment when i was doing VCU Adcenter application. This one took a longest time in doing. The brief was to interview at least ten people about their jeans, ask them any questions you would like. Then, write three insightful conclusions you came to at the end of the interviews.

I did interview my friends and friends of friends in Bangkok, those 3 insights were
1. Second-hand jeans admiration - 80% of the respondents have second-hand jeans, they show love and nobility more than owing the typical or new one.
2. Meticulous investment, long-term profit - When it comes to buying jeans, it takes time, effort, opinion, attention, and etc. When it comes to wearing jeans, it's easy and convenient.
3. Strive for the best - The respondents don't just dress for good looks but they also make themselves looking good for their jeans such as dieting, and going to gym.

What do you think? Feel free to give your opinion.

Not just bring me home


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Last Thursday I caught the taxi home and spent 15-20 mins talking to the taxi driver. He told me that he had been a bus driver for 30 years. Well, speaking of inter-city bus service, I radically thought that the ultimate goal of these kind of service is to bring their passengers to the given destination. And i was wrong.

The taxi driver gave me the astonishing insight. His goal was to drive smoothly and make his passengers sleep as fast as he can. And he was trained like that. His trainer could make his passengers fell asleep in 30 mins after starting an engine. It's all about the driving skill.

Thanks taxi driver for enlightening me one thing on that day. pic via flickr

The Dead Artist


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Marcus died a couple weeks ago, oh did he? The only thing he left is this painting. We decided to sell this painting for Mountain Rescue. Click here to find out the myth.

I love cities (always)


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That's why i love cities. I got these pics from a forwarded email by my friend who just went to study in Shanghai, China. But the pics are taken randomly in Japan somewhere. See all the pics in my flickr. Cool, aren't they?



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Thanks Charles Frith for your lovely present. I feel your support and encouragement. He sent me this present as he knew that i got acceptance into VCU Adcenter.

- The postcard with meaningful words (designed by The design conspiracy, who commented my homework at Russel's APSotW)
- The badges (produced by the breakfast club soho, where the London coffee morning takes place)

A very big slider


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I almost forgot to post about this. Last weekend, i joined the event called Vaseline Full Sun Double Fun Fair, a kind of theme park on the beach. One thing that caught my eyes is here in the pic below. It may look childish but it's not. It's huge and tall. When you are at the peak, i guarantee the adrenaline will be pumped and flowed all over your body. I am not sure where they imported from but it's fun.

Peter Max and his $47,500 painting


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Today, I spent most of my time at home and surfing my online world as usual. While i visited Ebay, i spotted one fine art on auction. My first impression towards this painting is shiny and cute, unlike the impression towards Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, or Gustav Klimt. It looks like kids' stuff at first for me. Amazingly, the selling price is $47,500. (Oh my God) and one popped question is who is the artist?, Well, he is Peter Max.
I have no idea at all who is Peter Max until doing some research. He is a well-known pop artist, born in Berlin, Germany then settled in the US in 1953. Max's art work, which he called "up art," was a part of the psychedelic movement in graphic design. His work was influential and much imitated in advertising design in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I also found his official website. His works are unique and colorful and i never thought that his painting can be sold expensively. The below are the example of his works. "If I didn't choose art, I would have become an astronomer," states Max. How about you? If you didn't choose advertising, what would you be?

Hard Rock Pattaya Hotel


Written on 4:26:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

As some of you might know that last weekend i went to Pattaya city, Thailand and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel is great and creative. See the letter for guests below, it says "Dear Star." and door hanging, it doesn't say "Don't disturb" like some others say. That's nice :)
I do believe that these little things can improve the customer's experience in the hotel.