Postcards from IDEO


Written on 6:50:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

This afternoon I stumbled upon on the IDEO website. There is a section called 'Postcards' under the culture tab. It's digital snapshots from the field and here is a short description from the website,

At any given time, there are 15 to 20 IDEO teams in the field doing research for projects. We are a naturally curious bunch, and tend to collect quite a few artifacts from our trips. In addition to interesting foods, new turns of phrase, and the occasional non-contagious skin disease, we take photos of interesting things in the places we are.

When we see something remarkable, we capture it to show our fellow IDEOers at home in the studio. Now we are sharing some of our blink-worthy images with you. Enjoy!

I really like that they do this stuff. It brings their culture to life and shows a humane personality as a company and an endless curiosity with a great observation. Check it out.

Lady Gaga made me annoyed


Written on 1:00:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Some of my friends were pissed off about Lady Gaga canceling her concert in Richmond, VA just a couple days before and they called her a b*tch.

Some of my friends want me to listen to Lady Gaga's songs and I think those songs are not bad at all. Actually, they are good enough for me to slightly shake my head and swing my hips.

Until I twittered about Lady Gaga's song, Poker Face. I got two new Twitter followers (poker mom and a random guy who plays poker) in just 30-minute later.

Well, what if I tweeted about the Killers' song? Would a serial killer follow me on Twitter? The power of relevance and content is amazing.

PS. I know this is weird that I blog about twitter because people usually tweet about their blog post. I am different.