The John Grant Manifesto


Written on 7:26:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Blog pals,

I did Q&A session in "
planning in bangkok" blog in order to recommend "The brand innovation manifesto" book to planners. Many thanks to John Grant, the author of the book, for your support. I really love your points of view in the answers.



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NY Times, USA today, Wall Street Journal, and etc have online edition. They have learned from their readers' online habits in turning their papers into digital vehicles. Our left hand holds a cup of coffee and right hand clings to an optical mouse, not a paper while some read an article from their favorite columnist via a cell phone. Bye Bye paperboy, start finding a new job - people don't drink milk online.

(photo from peterbaker via flickr)

Slang : Benetton Mom


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Benetton mom (n.) : A rich woman who adopts babies from Africa or other exotic locales, apparently for their use as fashion accessories.

Usage : Madonna and Angelina Jolie are engaged in a very public battle of the Benetton moms.

I am not sure whether this slang has a relationship with United Colors of Benetton or not.

Axe Lab


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Planners do consumer research, Axe users do pharmasexual research. See the new Axelab to better know your girls.

Bangkok Coffee Evening #5


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Welcome to a cordial Bangkok coffee evening #5

Date : 1 Feb 2007
Time : After work hour
Venue : Ad maker (Soi Langsuan)
Everybody is welcome, no agenda.

You can also find more about Bangkok coffee meeting and Bangkok's planning scene here

Souvenirs from Japan


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Last weekend, my 3 Japaneses friends visited Bangkok. I accompanied them on dinner and shopping at night market. I feel like i need to brush up my Japanese language. Thanks for souvenirs, i really love them (Japanese graphic tee, brown-sugar candy with a small Japanese toy, and softcakes from Henri Charpentier)

Bangkok Coffee Evening #4


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Bangkok Coffee Evening #4
Date : 24 Jan 2007
Time : 7.30pm - 10.00pm.
Venue : Shades of Retro (between Playground and Icon Condo, in Soi Tararom2)
No agenda, Everybody is welcome. There are coffee and alcoholic drinks available + unlimited popcorn.

Let's enjoy our conversation.

Absolut Bangkok


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This is the Absolut Vodka ad (Bangkok version). My point is that there is no such a place in Bangkok. That floating market is located in another province of Thailand.

Art or Rubbish ?


Written on 9:41:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Some view it as an art while some view it as a rubbish. For me, i see it as a culture. Basically, people see the same thing but they have different thought because the variety of experience, background, morality, social status, and etc. you name it. Taking this photo reminded me of psychology class. The lecturer showed me this pic and gave us the psychological term which i can't remember what it was.
It's kind of double meaning illusion. And i also saw the similar pics in consumer behavior class as well. (What do you see it first, duck or rabbit?)

Bangkok Coffee Evening #3


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Pals, Time for Bangkok Coffee Evening #3. This time we are going a bit nasty by getting drunk at the most lively nightlife area.

Date : 19 Jan 2007

Time : 8.00 pm onwards
Place : Shades of Retro, Thonglor, Bangkok (between Playground store and H1 place)

After that we may have a ramen noodle together! See you there.

Brand Admirer


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Building relationship and engagement with your consumers are the key tasks for today's branding and marketing. Good relationship with consumer brings the marketers profit and loyalty. Some don't just buy your product but also repeat their buying. There are many groups showing love to their brand and they are brand admirer. This is probably one of brand admirer's expression. See the below pics. (I captured from

McDonald's group
Lush's group
Adidas Freaks

A diamond is forever?


Written on 10:05:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Many of you have heard "A diamond is forever" and "Diamonds are girl's best friends." These 2 statements strongly influence me in the way that the value of diamond can't be changed. We all know that diamond is mere a carbon. I am wondering, will these statements be forever?, will the girls betray their best friend?, and will a cult of diamond ring be dead?

People in 1980 didn't expect the death of advertising whilst we don't expect the death of diamond as well. Just my outlook.

I love LUSH


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Lush is one of my favorite brands, i firstly fall in love with Lush when i was on company trip to Sydney, Australia. Buying Lush products is kind of a little pleasure for me. Lush promise the consumer providing the youngest, freshest products in the history of cosmetics. I personally love to read Lush Times, what i really love the most is to read the quotes from consumers. See the pic for an example.

Bangkok Coffee Evening #2 : Updates


Written on 11:59:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Our Bangkok Coffee Evening #2 was spiced up by 3 more people joined. It's good and interesting that more people would love to join. I came to the Foodloft first to reserve the table for our participants.10 minutes passed...Pip, a planner from Hakuhodo who loves getting drunk (on the right) called me where our table was. Then, Pik (on the left) a planner from Bates, got to draft a questionnaire tonight for her boss called Pip. 3 of us went to order our meal and we metJay and Ont (L to R), Jay is a planner from Dentsu who is studying a Master's degree and Ont is an explorer from a great research company, called Vitamin. After I finished my Chicken curry with rice, the last person showed up, His name is Tee+, a planner from Dentsu and a Jay's colleague who said to us that he has gained 3 extra kilos since New Year.Finally, a time to say goodbye then we took a group photo together with my plastic panda mask. See you next week!

Strawberryfrog leaps to a blogsophere


Written on 1:16:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Spotted this information from Chroma's blog. The strawberry frog agency has a blog, called Viva La Revolucion. Please try to check it out at

Enjoy the leaping of this frog!

Lost in Translation


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This is my fav. scene of one of my favorite movies, "Lost in Translation." I think this pic really depict the title of this movie in term of visual. Being different among the japanese, it was really lost in nowhere.

Direct Mail from Habitat


Written on 11:21:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Thanks Habitat furniture for this New Year card. Thanks for keeping me updated about your information although i didn't spend even 1 buck at your shop last year.

Bangkok Coffee Morning #2


Written on 11:01:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I think the situation here is quite alright. Coffee Morning (Evening) #2 will be resumed.

Coffee Evening (+meal) #2 at Bangkok
Date : 10 Jan 2007
Time : 7.00pm - 9.00pm.
Venue : The Foodloft, the Central Chidlom (you can find us by spotting a panda mask on the table)
Everybody is welcome as always. See you there on this Wednesday.



Written on 7:12:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Have you ever been asked what do you think of "Flamingo"? What comes to your mind when i say Flamingo? i guess, Florida will be the top answer. I think Flamingo is a lucky animal because not so many animals can represent the city or country. As i can think of others are Koala bear for Australia, and Panda for China. Can anyone think of other animals?

City marketing with the local animal is rare but i think Flamingo is a good and clear example.

Too many keys


Written on 11:02:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I have been spent more time than the past in surfing internet, visiting websites, reading blogs, signing up for something, buying stuffs online...etc. One of my insight that i never told anyone is "i got too many sets of username and password." Those are for email, Ebay, paypal, banking, blogging, online gaming, Flickr, adage and etc. (yeah! simply is the best,write down them on your notepad..should i?) Has anyone come up with a good software or web application that dealing with this problem? Kind of password bank, password keeper or whatever you call!



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When i took subway(MRT) in Tokyo many years ago, viewing many people focused on their cell phone like they were isolated from a real world is normal. Many articles support this fact that japanese are addicted on a cellular level by sending 300 emails a day or spending most of time with their cell phone.

Wired website gave me the development of the above information (i cut some parts) - Chaco types furiously on her cell phone keypad, stopping only to take an occasional puff of her Seven Stars menthol cigarette. But she's not sending a text message. She's writing a novel. Chaco is becoming one of the most popular mobile phone novelists in Japan. In the last 14 months, she wrote five novels, including her best seller, What the Angel Gave Me, which has sold more than 1 million copies to date........"A mobile phone novel boom is definitely in place," And these are people who hardly ever read novels before, never mind written one."
Next summer, the company will debut software that allows mobile phone novelists to integrate sounds and images into their story lines.

This is fascinating that the world is always changing, i wonder how should we deal with the overloaded information if people mostly become the creators, then we spend less time in consuming these information?

Tap Project


Written on 11:45:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

The tap project by UNICEF is quite interesting. The highlight will be on Mar22,2007, the United Nations' world water day, participated restuarants in NY will invite their customers to pay 1$ for something they normally get for free, tap water. For people who are not in NY, they can donate their money online at The collected funds will be supported the UNICEF water programs by providing safe water for children around the world.

David Droga and Pharrell Williams are the official supporter. With $1 UNICEF can provide 40 liters of safe drinking water which is enough to give one child safe drinking water for 40 days or 40 children safe drinking water for one day. For New Yorkers, if you will eat out on Mar22,2007, please help these children.

Coffee Evening Bangkok : Cancellation


Written on 6:15:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

A short note from me, I would like to cancel the Coffee Evening in Bangkok this Jan3,2007 due to the uncertainty of the situation (since the nine bombs exploded) in Bangkok. I hope the situation will be alright in 2-3 days then we can make an arrangement next week. God bless Thailand.