Heimir Bjorgulfsson (I like his arts)


Written on 12:00:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

One of my favorite websites, Flavorpill always brings talented featured artists for their cover art. Not to mention about the rich contents on the website. Heimir Bjorgulfsson is the featured artist of June 2008. His arts are spectacular especially when he uses a various type of coloring tools like spray, color pencil, marker, acrylic and etc. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Top Reasons to Go into Advertising


Written on 11:26:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Hello (Online) World!

I ran across the forum in AdGabber about "Top reasons to go into Advertising." I found one guy's (his name is Lane Casteix) comment interesting and inspiring. He said, "As I said on another thread, I was being "groomed" for architecture but ended up majoring in fine arts with a beer minor. I kept hearing terms thrown around like "working the fence", which was a reference to the fence around Jackson Square in New Orleans where the artists gather to do tourist "art", and "starving artist", which sounded an awful lot like being beerless, so I decided this may not be for me.

Then I hear about an advertising design program at another university, and it strikes me that one probably actually gets paid for doing this advertising design thing - in other words not beerless - and maybe even bourbonful, which indeed it was (this was 1964, folks!). So I changed schools and majors. I liked the program, and I love the job that came out of it. Now I get to manage a small agency and some creatives who are just as easily upset by client changes as I was (I am over that now - jaded, I suppose), and I am having fun designing bourbon packages. Is that amazing or what?!"

I really do agree with him because I was almost ended up in Med school and I think I would never wanted to work in the hospital or medical center. I think I am lucky although this path is not so beautiful. But It's fun and worth. What are your reasons?