Live Green!


Written on 6:11:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I should support this trend, "living green". Oh yeah....i love green color ;)

GM car

A book from

Madison Environmental Consultant

Let's stab


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Let me introduce the coolest thing in the kitchen - Voodoo Knife Block. It comes with 5 stainless steel knives. Designed by Italian artist named Raffaele Iannello. Here is one of many insights from the owners - "Rather than letting the lady in your life take her anger out on you, why not get this "amusing" knife block for her to stab? The poor little man holds five stainless steel knives."



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When i was in Hong Kong, i saw these promotion items at KFC. There were 2 points came up in my head.
1. Oh this game is called Sudoku? i was wondering. (well i admitted that i ever played this game but didn't know the name of this game)
2. why this game does matter to be the promotion items at KFC?

All of my questions were answered in the next week after coming back to Thailand. how? i went to the bookstore and noticed a ton of Sudoku books. That night i decided to visit to find out the answers. Oh i just knew that Sudoku is getting more popular. Poor me.

Experience the star


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Mercedes Benz launched the new campaign via in the southeast asia. I found out one fascinating fact about their manufacturing process. The fact is "Why does Mercedes Benz farm ostriches?"

The ostrich feathers have natural anti-static properties. They use them to remove all tiny particles from the surface prior to painting. I think that's brilliant.

The world VS The second life


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I am trying to link The world and The second life together. What do they share in common? here are my thoughts
1. Money is the key for accessing these 2 things.
2. Both can fill up your fantasy.
3. Both have a specific community.
4. Relaxation
5. We need a map

In-game advertising


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Recently i have been in the world of online games. The pics below are Pangya game (online golf game, originated from Korea). I noticed a small logo placement in the game and i am wondering that "Will in-game advertising ruin gaming business?"

plus, i would like to quote one interesting point, related to my curiosity above from Wired magazine.

"Videogames were the last bastion of commercial-free entertainment. Ask any hardcore gamer: With few exceptions, they'd rather have a pure experience without virtual billboards promoting some unrelated products. The trick is to provide solutions in the real time. How about a game where you enter your xip code during registration? then, after several hours of continuous play, the game could ask ,"Are you hungry?" and direct you to the restaurants that deliver in your area. That would be a lot better than some lonely logo on an easily ignored virtual wall." (by Angel Munoz, founder of Cyberathlete Professional League)

Wrapping Paper


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After i randomly surfed the internet, i found Whimsy Press website. I think we share the same thoughts such as "it's difficult to find kick-ass wrapping paper", "the art of gift wrapping is beautiful" and "sharing things we like".

Another one fascinating point is they were/are ad agency people. Their business begins from creating gifts for their clients. Here are their products
I dream of owning a small gift wrapping shop (can't leave the advertising job too). I would like to have my own designed wrapping paper.



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I found this halfsuit at this website. I am wondering how many people will use this halfsuit when they are on video conference. Can it apply for a news reporter?

Cars movie


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The ad from the Cars movie made me think of Hotwheels. I personally like this car model. It's not cool but it reminds me an old day. The boys who like to play with cars or trucks should see this movie. Let's fantasize the dreaming car.

16 September


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Thanks to many friends from Mindshare and AEs from EFM(94.0) for the dinner and karaoke at Major Cineplex (Central World Plaza). I am so touched by your greetings and gift. Cake was so good and delicious.

Thanks to ex-JWT friend for lunch and afternoon tea at Emporium. (We did enjoy attending Vivien Westwood exhibition)

Thanks to my sisters at OMD for coming dinner in the next week.

Maggi (Soy sauce) in HK


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This is the picture of Maggi sauce advertorials from one of many magazines that i read or scan (ok, i can't read chinese) while i was in Hong Kong. Guess?how many Maggi bottles in this advertorials? I don't like the way of making this advertorials. anyways it made me hungry.

Barbie Exhibition in Hong Kong


Written on 2:28:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I accidentially visited the Barbie event. One thing in my mind was planned target VS actual target. I scanned the place and noticed that most of visitors are women above 20 yrs. I got many questions and curiosity in my head - where are the female kids and teens? why all Barbie products are sold at toy departments or toy stores? what is barbie's positioning in people's mind now? (Toy, Collectibles or both?) Today's kids still play Barbie? If i could speak Chinese, i would ask

Russell's APSotW


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Finally the result and comments of Account Planning School of the Web (8th assignment) was posted. Michelle of Diablogue got the special prizes from Russell and the design conspiracy team. You can see all of participants'+mine at Russell's blog. I encourage my blog readers to join the APSotW, it is great and fantastic to do your homework and read other's + comments. Any comments or suggestions of my assignment (8C)? your point of view is welcome :)

Hostel in Hong Kong


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While i was at Hong Kong, i stayed at YesInn Hostel. I really love it! I like the friendliness and color. The front door is yellow, the pathway is red and my room is green. The staff is very helpful and cute. Here are some pics to share...
Behind the TV. is the bathroom This is me under the yellow blanket (stuff from IKEA)

What is "Techno Nature"?


Written on 3:24:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Yesterday, i heard one word, "techno nature", from the hair stylist. I decided to find out more about this word and came up with this website ( I found myself enjoy reading this website for 20 minutes. Wella stated the 4 hair trends as the following

Gothic Luxury
World Fusion
Real Daydream
Techno Nature

Hong Kong - Overview


Written on 1:28:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Here are some pics i took at Hong Kong. The specific posts will be coming soon. Hong Kong is fun and busy city. I tried to go to many places that i could.