Peeps + Microwave


Written on 3:14:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

It's the first time I had Peeps marshmallow. We got 3 in the packages and I ate 2 of them. Mollie and Merf put the other one in the microwave. See the result below.

Will I be famous? No..Holy...


Written on 9:11:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I know I have been a terrible blogger. Nothing much to say about what kept me busy. It's obvious that the school continuously gives me assignments. Although we got new building, new name, grand opening party and etc., I am still busy as hell.

Last 2 weeks, I was interviewed by a stranger while i was doing my hectic assignment. Apparently, I didn't say much because i was so nervous and not familiar with talking to a stranger. Well, I was in the news (Commonwealth Times) - click here to read. Is it a big deal? I dunno i had never been in the news before. But I feel so good that media and some people pay attention to our school as we are the future of the advertising industry. Mmm...I should go back and do some good works.