Things i got from Adcenter


Written on 12:02:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I got 2 books to finish this week.
I got about 6 writing assignments to finish within next week.
I got about 9 articles to read within next week.
I have to dance in front of class tomorrow.
I have to do researches for the above assignments.
I have both individual and team assignments.
I need to catch up the advertising industry movements.
I need to party

Things keep coming and coming day by day like a fancy parade that you enjoy watching it not being in it.
"I wish i could have more time."



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Got this forwarded email from my Thai friend. It's an interesting job ever.

Adcenter - Day1


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This post is going to be a fresh baked cake from an oven. Today is my first first class, creative thinking, here at VCU Adcenter taught by Professor Hall (love this word "Professor" haha) We touched on the basic terms which were Creative and Thinking definition. All of us had to speak in front of the class plus video recorder in front of us telling people a bit about ourselves and the definitions. I was the second person who came up and talked something which i can't remember now because i guess i was overwhelmed by each individual definitions of everyone in the class today.

It's good having a chance to speak my mind but it's better having a chance to listen to what others think about the definitions. The definitions that you can't find in any textbook or blog or even in Adage's Power150 blogs. Ours are unique and meaningful. Some were defined from their childhood, undergrad class, Adcenter's wall and friends.
What i absolutely learned from the class today is "to listen" like Professor Hall said, "It's crucial to listen to your peers and to respect them."

Yeah...listen to our classmates so we don't need to ask them the same questions again which are ...
*Where are you from?
*What's your name again?
*What's your track?
I am bored asking these questions coz life goes on.

Break your arm for advertising


Written on 12:26:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Dear Media Planners,

Consider this as a new media for your client's presentation. Ad or message on a plastered arm or leg when people got the broken arm or leg. It will be a nice idea, i guess.

Recommended prospective clients - (Relationship), Kroger's egg (Protection), Crayola (imagination on plaster).

Well...this post will make people hate advertising. hehe.

Thanks Flipsen&Gaabstra via Flickr for a pic.

Wanna go with me?


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What we've seen in the sci-fi movies is coming to our life. By starting from here - The Galactic Suite, a space resort providing a fully integrated space tourism experience. The customers will be given a training session by an astronaut in a hideaway island and prepared for an orbit tour in their space resort. The experiences are weightlessness activities, space sports, star gazing, surreal sleeping arrangements, taking pictures of auroras, and etc.The service will be started in 2012 according to their website. I am wondering who is the first group that make this trip. It will be awesome. By the way, they don't mention anything about the must be damn expensive, i guess. Or do they have shoestring or backpacker version?

Sony Bravia


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See these 2 videos - one is from Sony Bravia "Balls" shot in San Fran 2005 and another one is funny twin of Bravia "Balls" ad. (It's better to play them at the same time)

From Balls to Paint in Glasgow 2006, I am excited about this year bunnies ad from Sony Bravia. It's something that i am waiting to see by leaving any positive or negative comments behind. That's just for an entertainment's sake. The below pic is Bravia's bunnies shooting in NYC (borrowed from Johnny Vulkan at Anomaly)



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A couple days ago, I got a forwarded email talking about 7-11's logo. What's wrong with it?, i questioned myself. The point is "n" letter of "ELEVEn" is the only one with a small capital letter, why? The email said something about 7-11's owner Feng Shui belief. With that small capital letter of "n." The owner believes that "n" depicts the picture of magnet of retail business like strongly attracting customers to the shops. Any another inputs on that "n" letter myth? I am not sure this is true or not.
I hope someone who named "the fan" area in Richmond got the strong belief in Feng Shui. Coz i wish the fan would be the fan that makes me feel cooler. Arrrggggg! HOT!

New Home - New School


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Sunday in Richmond, VA is so quiet...shops are closed, most of restaurants are closed too and people seem to leave the city to somewhere, I don't know. I decided to walk to the new VCU Adcenter building a couple blocks away. No people but the building on progress and machines. It seems to be nice and spacious.
Yeah, It's the place that i will spend about 45weeks there and 15 weeks at the current building. Can't wait to start! By the way, i got required readings from my teacher. I gonna spend time tonight reading them.

What's hot this Spring2008 ?


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It has been a long time that i hadn't checked out the fashion trend esp. men fashion. I came across at details magazine website and found Top 10 Spring looks. Here they are...

1. Hammer Pants : I have one nylon Hammer pants but i didn't bring them here.
2. Neon Signs : Just a glimpse of intense color.
3. Sheer Modesty : The classy way to do see-through.
4. Hockney Effect : I got no idea what it is. i will skip this one.
5. All Zipped Up : The biker jacket goes upscale. I think bigger zip is better.
6. The Shawl Thing : Does handkerchief work?
7. Flood Alert : Cropped pants hit the runway.
8. Synth Rock : From nylon to neoprene, non-natural fabrics.
9. Light and Layered : Muted color, weightless fabrics and effortless result.
10. Pajama Game : Pretty laid-back.

I like number 8 and 9 as the below photos.

From Seattle to Richmond


Written on 8:09:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

After spending about 10 days in Seattle, It's time to move to Richmond, VA. Phew! finally, I am in RVA. I got some random thoughts, well nice thoughts about things happened in Seattle.

1. It's awesome visiting my friend, Nunoo and his girlfriend, Kate. We had not met for a year and they welcomed me nicely. They brought me good times.
2. My first time visit to the US, and also first time eating Krispy Kreme. It was so delicious. (astonishing fact is if i want to open Krispy Kreme in my home country, I need 30 million dollars to show them, oh gosh)
3. The city of Seattle is so good. Luckily, when i was there, the weather was really nice - no rain at all.
4. While i was staying at my friend's room, his landlord took us cruising the bay area of Bellevue. He got a ship and is trying to sell one of his ships to someone. He is damn rich. (I passed by Bill Gates's house on the shore, a lovely home)
5. The landscape of Seattle is nice, no ridiculous and messy outdoor advertising like in Bangkok.

Thinking about VCU Adcenter, there are many things waiting for me.
1. I got course schedule last week. Well, it made me getting more excited about my classes and instructors.
2. I hope i can get along well with my classmates. Sometimes I may do something stupid and they will understand me. haha.
3. A thing that keeps challenging is my English proficiency. I want to read, listen, speak, write BETTER in English. Coming to the states is my great opportunity to develop my skills. Mates, excuse me for my broken English.
4. Yesterday, I got an email from Caley Cantrell, my strategic thinking class teacher, about the required readings. I am so excited about reading my many good books while i am here.

While i am writing this post, there is a first friday Artwalk down under my apartment. I gonna take a walk to view the event. Wow, I am so happy.