Fuerzabruta - I want to see it


Written on 10:05:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Since I got so much time on my hand, I ran across the Fuerzabruta website. According to the definition of Fuerzabruta (f'where-zah-broo-tah), it's brute force or the show from the creators of DE LA GUARDA or 360 heart-pounding theatrical experience. I may be quite late about this event coz it's named top10 of 2007 in Time magazine. By the way, I am really astonished by its trailer because it's not so-called stage performance show at all. I would love to fly to New York and buy a ticket instantly but I couldn't. I will do it after returning from Bangkok, I promise...Fuerzabruta.

See the trailer below

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