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Written on 12:23:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Recently i have been in the world of online games. The pics below are Pangya game (online golf game, originated from Korea). I noticed a small logo placement in the game and i am wondering that "Will in-game advertising ruin gaming business?"

plus, i would like to quote one interesting point, related to my curiosity above from Wired magazine.

"Videogames were the last bastion of commercial-free entertainment. Ask any hardcore gamer: With few exceptions, they'd rather have a pure experience without virtual billboards promoting some unrelated products. The trick is to provide solutions in the real time. How about a game where you enter your xip code during registration? then, after several hours of continuous play, the game could ask ,"Are you hungry?" and direct you to the restaurants that deliver in your area. That would be a lot better than some lonely logo on an easily ignored virtual wall." (by Angel Munoz, founder of Cyberathlete Professional League)

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