Stay Awake


Written on 11:10:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I have been in discussing about future life at VCU adcenter. I would like my readers to help me find the tips - How to stay awake all night. Well, i don't drink coffee and tea doesn't help much. Thanks Mike for suggesting Red Bull. I know Red Bull helps but anyway i can't drink it often.

I guess the next post will be "how to stay alive." (lol....i am kidding, it is not that bad)

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  1. johanna |

    When pulling all nighters with a group for a presentation, it's a little easier to stay awake because you have other people there. Also, the coffee shop on the corner opens at 7.30am, when the muffins are always warm! That is a slight pick-me-up.

    As for me, it was tons of Red Bull and having a cat's sleeping schedule - sleeping for a few minutes here and there whenever there was free time. Most of the time, my passion for what I do kept me awake!


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