Baby Milo


Written on 12:51:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

His name is Baby Milo, a sub-division of BAPE. BAPE or A Bathing Ape is a japanese clothing company, recently caught mainstream culture in the US on the account of popular entertainers eg. Jay-Z, Fall Out Boy, and Pharrell Williams.

BAPE products are limited and d*mn expensive. Due to the scarcity in conjunction with high price and high demand. They are facing conterfeit problem. I recently went to MBK shopping mall (Mike, remember this mall in Bangkok?) and found many bootlegged BAPE products. Personally, i really like Baby Milo and can't imagine of how difficult to identify which one is real or fake Baby Milo. I feel sad for him. Pity Ape.

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  1. Anonymous |

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  2. mikekarnj |

    Yes, I love MBK. And yes I saw all the BAPE stuff at MBK and yes they were all fake. I would have bought some of it but I just didn't have any room left in my bag haha

  3. Anonymous |

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  4. Bape |

    I likes bapes it is a really dope brand to buy but I cant afford no authentic bape cuz right now Im on the welfare, so I just usually look up bape on google and buy a replica one usually the quality is pretty good. I think Bape needs some new styles though.


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