Yoda and Planning


Written on 11:03:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

This is a quote, "You must unlearn what you have learned" by Yoda : The Empire Strikes Back, from the book i am reading, Brand Hijack by Alex Wipperfurth.

pic via http://www.flickr.com/photos/93467467@N00/288633132/

I think learning new thing is essential but unlearning what you have learned is difficult, especially people like planner. Sometimes you have to discard an old information to step up a new things. You need to forget a traditional way of thinking in order to come up with an innovative campaign.

It's a long way to be Jedi master, but may the force be with you.

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  1. Doug |

    good quote, good book. reorganising or discarding pre-conceived thought is always difficult, but you're right - is absolutely vital at times

  2. Gavin Heaton |

    Of course you also need wisdom to be able to discern which pieces of knowledge should be discarded.

  3. mike |

    Good quote. If you really think about, everything we learn at school is all bullshit anyways. They feed you into a corporate world, so in reality you have to learn everything you have learned if that makes any sense at all


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