Cops, Haircut, and Parties


Written on 2:23:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Life is full of unexpectation.

First of all, I went to Great Clips last Friday for haircut. It's only $11. I don't like my haircut at all and service is terrible. I was disappointed. I will pay more for better thing.
Last week, my roommate witnessed and suspected one criminal and many cops paid us a visit at 2.00am. I hate this situation.
Two parties in a roll....i love it. It's my birthday on last's sad because i had to do my assignments and team project all day long. Pity me.

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  1. Clay Parker Jones |

    Hey man, happy birthday!

    And watch out for the pigs.

    - Clay

  2. BBrown |

    Oakie, I wish I could have come out for your birthday. I had too much work to do :( I hope it was great though!


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