New MTV's trick


Written on 10:53:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I am aware that tonight Britney Spears was in the MTV Video Music Awards at Las Vegas and performed her new song, Gimme more. As far as i know from reading an article from Washington post, MTV want to improve their viewership that has been continuously dropped since 2004.

It doesn't work for me at least. Watching Britney back in music industry is not my call. This is my favorite part of this piece of reading, "The "awards" part of the show usually is overshadowed by the performances and the chance that something outrageous will happen, like same-sex kisses or naughty utterances. The lack of excitement in recent years, amid a government crackdown in media decency, has been blamed for the slide in ratings."

Maybe i am too old for MTV, lame MTV.

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  1. JesseB |

    youre too old oakie, all these damn kids and their rock and or roll.


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