VCU Brandcenter - the second semester


Written on 3:11:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Tomorrow I will go back to the school with something new. We changed the school's name from VCU Adcenter to VCU Brandcenter coz we are not just an advertising student. We learn about art, culture, consumer, and commerce that lead to the better branding. We also have new website ( which is better than the old one. The new website is quite simple and i love the transition of the webpage. My school also have video series from the leading advertising folks in our industry talking about "CHANGE." There are...
Paul Lavoie, Taxi
Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin, Ogilvy Toronto
Jeff Steinhour, CP+B
Joe McCarthy, J&J
Bob Scarpelli, DDB
Mike Hughes, The Martin Agency
and 4 more. See the videos here

Lastly, we moved to the new building (which is a couple blocks away from my place..yay!) I am quite excited about the new building because Clive Wilkinson is in charge of this project. I can't wait to see my new lime-green floor. And my second semester is about to begin tomorrow. I am ready for this.

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