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Written on 3:32:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Finally, the magazine that I am looking forward to is launched. It's Sixty magazine from VCU Brandcenter. Take a look at it.

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  1. Anonymous |


    to page 111 in Sixty

  2. Anonymous |

    My vote is for Boblbe. Though they are very different. Not much to compare.

  3. Anonymous |

    yea not much that is different

  4. Oakie Chiraskamin |

    I think they are different although the media executions and idea are similar. I believe they are originally different in concepts.

  5. Anonymous |

    Both use the same type of technology. But they are different at the same time. I like bobblbe like many others, not only because it won in cannes, because it is so integrated, participatory, therefore more consumer-friendly. The Nike trash bag idea is something that I would just look at and forget about it. Besides, putting Nike anything in your book is asking for trouble.

  6. Anonymous |

    Boblbee is SWEEEET!!!

  7. Amul Raj |

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