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Written on 11:44:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Surprisingly, i was tagged by Doug of Planning for fun. Thanks Doug for tagging me and your compliment about my prolific blog. When someone tags you and links to you, you need to tag another 5 people and write 5 things about yourself in order to farther this tagging thing. (I really wanna know who is the first tagger? but i am too lazy to trackback the links)

Well, here are my 5 things

1. When Pokemon firstly launched in the US market, i could remember all of 152 characters and their name. At that time, some of my friends called me "pikachu" instead of my real name.

2. I failed in accounting courses. I didn't even know what the debit and credit are? (Well i am not sure i do now)

3. I usually wash my face with water, hardly apply facial foam or facial cleanser to my face.

4. When i was 5, i put a tiny eraser in my nose and couldn't get it out by myself. Then my dad took me to the hospital after coming back from a kindergarten. It's a shame that i didn't tell my teacher but i left it in my nose for 4 hours.

5. I thought i couldn't stop nails biting but i finally made it. It was not good habit.

I would like to tag :

1. Adcentered : VCU adcenter student /contributes an insight of life from adcenter.
2. Ben Mason of Fond of ideas : awarded from Russell by APSotW (apple assignment)
3. Iain Tait of Crackunit.com : i am trying to read all old posts of this blog (i like his blog)
4. American Copywriter (John or Tug) : leads the Kansas Coffee Morning
5. The fruits of imagination : Leo Burnett Canada.

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  1. Ben Mason |

    Hey Oakie!

    Thanks for the tag. If you'd actually linked to me then I would have seen that I'd been tagged. Maybe add some links?

    I'll do my tagging when I have a second.


  2. Oakie |

    I have faced some problems with link feature, give me sometime to fix. Thanks

  3. onewomanrunning |

    Lol, I did the rubber thing, but with a pea. I think most kids stuff something up there at some time or another

  4. 日月神教-任我行 |



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