Written on 1:38:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

It's almost 01.00am here and i was so sleepy in front of the screen. Then I got an email from Adcenter telling me very very good news that i was accepted to the Communications Strategy program this fall. What a great news! I was really excited. Finally, i made it. Thanks Michael K., Johanna, Nien L, Kevin R., and my supporters for being with me and giving me encouragement.

Now, i can sleep tight :)

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  1. dalynn |

    YAY! I knew about 30 minutes before you received the email. I work downstairs with Karen, and I told her to tell me as soon as you knew so I could send you a congrats comment. I'm so excited for you. I was rooting for you and asking every day what the news was. Congratulations! I hope we can meet one day. I graduate this semester. Get to know the faculty as much as you can and have as much fun as possible. I know you will do well. YAY!! It's time to celebrate!!!

  2. mikekarnj |


  3. johanna |


    you are awesome.

    i can't say i'm surprised!

    congratulations, oakie! maybe we'll get to finally meet soon!

  4. Clay Parker Jones |

    Well done, there, Oakie.

    An amazingh achievement!

    - Clay

  5. Oakie |

    Dalynn - Thanks so much for your supports. I am so appreciated.

    Mike - Thanks again. You are the first inspirer.

    J. - I am definitely looking for that opportunity. Cupcakes???

    Clay - Thanks for your warm support.

  6. Anonymous |

    hey- just a question since i applied as well--when did you get your application in?

  7. Gong |

    Congratulations. Came across your site when I was searching to see if anyone else has gotten in. I too got the acceptance letter few weeks ago, but i am in art direction track.

    Better start the apartment hunting ;)

  8. Oakie |

    Anonymous - I sent in my application around the beginning of April.

  9. Rebecca |


  10. Doug |

    excellent. well done Oakie

  11. Leland |

    congrats, dude! You'll have a blast.

  12. Oakie |

    Thanks Rebecca.

    Doug - Thanks so much

    Leland - Hope to see you in US.

  13. Ayasha |

    Congrats! Have fun and stay inspired.

  14. Will |

    Congrats mate.


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