Cuddle Party


Written on 2:12:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

While many people rejoicing in digital world and easily getting in touch via MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, and etc.. you name it. These things create another form of relationship among friends, family, colleagues, and people. It's like we got 2 worlds in living - offline and online.

We have been bombarded by the happenings or events in online world while in offline world, there is an Cuddle party, a workshop/social-event that gives adults an opportunity to "give and receive welcomed affectionate touch in a no-expectation, friendly setting, according to your needs, desires, interests, and boundries." It is started from NY then spreading to Washington, Alabama, Boston, LA, San francisco, even in London and Sydney. Learning about intimacy, welcomed touch, and affection with some rules on puppy pile. I have no idea about how would i feel towards this event but it's kind of something that you will never get in online world besides touching a keyboard and an optical mouse.I spotted this cuddle party when i was watching CSI:New York DVD last night.

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    This is cool!


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