Count Quality, Rate Quantity.


Written on 1:33:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

My first semester at the Adcenter is going to end soon. It doesn't mean that i am not busy now - we still have big presentations awaiting. Yesterday, I realized that studying at the Adcenter. I need to find a balance between "quality" and "quantity."

Quantity without quality is bad. Quality without quantity is bad too. No one can tell you how much quality you should have or how many quantity you should acquire even Rick Boyko or David Ogilvy. To find it, you need to spend your life through it. You will find out many ideas that you crunch are not good and at the same time, you want to do the best in everything but you don't have time.

We have been taught that "Good enough is not enough." It's a juxtaposition between "quality" and "quantity." When we are knackered and tired, we want to say "enough," one of my classmates told us that "Good enough is plenty." It's very hilarious.

The photo is from Johnny Blood via Flickr

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