What I do for a free time during studying at Adcenter


Written on 10:46:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Two or three weeks ago, i was invited to Pre-Potluck Thanksgiving party at my Adcenter friend's place. I was thinking about what to bring and it was hard for me because I am not good at cooking at all. Then i decided to do Jello Shots. I had 2 recipes - one is strawberry jello with Vodka and lime jello with Malibu. It turned out great and i really love them and ended up eating them too much and dealing with intoxication.
On that night I put myself joining my first scavenger hunt game with some Adcenter friends. I ate raw egg, stole 5 pumpkins, and bought Vagisil. It was such a fun experience. Thanks to my friends for spicing up my life.

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  1. JesseB |

    Oakie you rock!! Im glad i got to be on your team, youre the funniest man i know.


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