Tilt-Shift Photography


Written on 4:11:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Here is a conversation on Gchat with one of my communications strategy classmates,Schmidt.

Oakie : www.cityshrinker.com

Schmidt : Cool...but why are you obsessed?
Oakie : I dunno..I think it's so awesome.

I re-think about his question why I am so obsessed with Tilt Shift photography. I mean I can't produce it but I strongly love looking at it. I guess the reasons are...

1. I love traveling - I love to see the world. I enjoy viewing this world in many perspectives such as sitting at the Cafe in Hong Kong, sightseeing the New York city on the tallest building in NY. The tilt shift technique is mostly used in taking photo of cities, streets, landscapes, and etc and this would probably be the reason why I like it so much.

2. I wanna be a good photographer - When I see the Tilt-Shift photos, they make me feel aspiring. I wish I could take many cool photos like that. I still hope and will push myself to that goal.

Below images are the example of Tilt-Shift photos that I like.

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  1. Joey Camire |

    I'm so confused, is it real or fake?


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