Battle of Ice-Cream


Written on 1:59:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Recently, Baskin Robbins just renovated their brand and retail stores. Whenever i visit the Baskin Robbins, i often have an iconic pink spoon in my hand. They got a new logo, packages, design, and etc. The renew of the brand and retail stores strengthens the pinkness which i feel more energetic and cheerful. I would like to share this, an article on the new changes of BR and this, a history of BR. My favorite flavors are Cookie 'n Cream and Praline 'n Cream.

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  1. Charles Frith |

    iconic pink spoons.. laughing my far and distant arse off.... ;)

  2. johanna |

    cookies n cream is my favorite! i like strawberry too.


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