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Written on 11:08:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

My life has been so busy and busy. But I would like to show my toys when i was 9-10. I can't recall whether i was a young boy who laid down on a floor of the mall and cried out loud to get my parents' attention when i needed those toys or not. It's a psycho trick that kids trying to humiliate their parents by doing this. Came in with tears then came out with smiles.

This one is a 4-5"robot with its weapon. We played it in a battle arena and tried to swing our weapon to hit the other robot's head.
This is from Tomy Corp. It starts from the bottom with a small metal ball. You need to take metal ball to the top of the machine. The big blue button is a launcher.

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  1. Adrian Lai |

    I remember that Kong man toy from my childhood too growing up in Singapore! There was a similar Penguin one too. Do you remember that?

  2. Oakie |

    Yeah Yeah! Penguin one, i do remember it, sliding penguin.

  3. 日月神教-任我行 |



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