Perfumed Newspaper


Written on 2:15:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

In Thailand, DailyNews paper, one of the big daily newspapers, are creating a buzz in newspaper printing business here. DailyNews readers will smell a nice perfume tomorrow as a result of perfumed ink which was processed in printing newspaper. What a better pleasure in reading newspaper.

In the paper, there will be Comfort, Unilever's fabric softener, ad trying to communicate about nice perfume proposition. Will update again when i get the newspaper. Lastly, read this i found it about perfumed ink as well. It was invented since 1940 in Indianapolis.

Edit : Here is an double full-page ad by Confort (copy says... the power of fragrance, just half of a lid. This special DailyNews edition from Comfort's scent.) Click the image to zoom. Well, i don't like the ad, from Ogilvy Bangkok.

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