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Written on 10:13:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I would like to share my moment when i was doing VCU Adcenter application. This one took a longest time in doing. The brief was to interview at least ten people about their jeans, ask them any questions you would like. Then, write three insightful conclusions you came to at the end of the interviews.

I did interview my friends and friends of friends in Bangkok, those 3 insights were
1. Second-hand jeans admiration - 80% of the respondents have second-hand jeans, they show love and nobility more than owing the typical or new one.
2. Meticulous investment, long-term profit - When it comes to buying jeans, it takes time, effort, opinion, attention, and etc. When it comes to wearing jeans, it's easy and convenient.
3. Strive for the best - The respondents don't just dress for good looks but they also make themselves looking good for their jeans such as dieting, and going to gym.

What do you think? Feel free to give your opinion.

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  1. w. p. |

    Oh Diet, if I love my jeans a lot, I will.
    Best Jeans = Investment, so Jeans are the collection...

    But for me, Jeans are best of my clothing >> Tough but comfort >> Flexy >> Franky >> Friend / Tee

  2. anna kate |

    the 3rd blurb is slightly confusing, and could stand to be reworded. It is there to state that, not only do people purchase jeans to make themselves look better, but that they often use diet and fitness to sculpt their own bodies to look better FOR the jeans, right? Is that it? It's an insightful statement. Just confusing as it reads now. You might want to change it a bit for the final draft.

    What year are you applying for? I am going to apply for the VCU copywriting program, Fall 2008.

  3. Oakie |

    Thanks for comment. You got my point.

    ps. well, i am accepted to the program and going to Richmond this coming fall(2007)

  4. ed |

    i thought your three thoughts are very well articulated and fertile ground for creative gemination.

  5. Shavon |

    I am applying for Fall 2008 admissions. The application is quite tedious can you offer me any tips or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Oakie |

    Hey Shay,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Give me your email, it's better to communicate that way. (mine is hioakie at gmail dot com)



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