Rexona in Thailand


Written on 10:42:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Rexona (in Thailand), a deodorant brand for women, was revived and relaunched in Thailand 3-4 years ago. Since the day one, Rexona has been positioned itself as a very feminine brand, including flowers and girl's things in the key visuals. Rexona has performed quite well but the brand itself is not strong enough to compete with Nivea. It may take time to build it stronger among its women target.

Recently, Rexona launched Rexona men, a deodorant for men, into the market with the strong functional benefit and masculine appearance which i disagree. I personally think that Rexona still needs some healing because it had disappeared from the market for a long time. Launching the new product into the male target may distort the brand itself. While they are not quite good at women market, they need to focus. The bottom line is "they may loose both things."

I know that the reasons are "they see the opportunity in men's market but they don't have policies in investing their budget to create a new brand." Until then, if the brand can't survive, Unilever will revive it again and again until that brand doesn't have momentum and potential.

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