Not just bring me home


Written on 2:31:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Last Thursday I caught the taxi home and spent 15-20 mins talking to the taxi driver. He told me that he had been a bus driver for 30 years. Well, speaking of inter-city bus service, I radically thought that the ultimate goal of these kind of service is to bring their passengers to the given destination. And i was wrong.

The taxi driver gave me the astonishing insight. His goal was to drive smoothly and make his passengers sleep as fast as he can. And he was trained like that. His trainer could make his passengers fell asleep in 30 mins after starting an engine. It's all about the driving skill.

Thanks taxi driver for enlightening me one thing on that day. pic via flickr

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  1. w. p. |

    I also get some Life inspiring from Taxi...
    However, I think you may know, Taxi could be another place to find some insight, I don't know the possibility of being Taxi driver + insight miner on the same time..

  2. Rich |

    sending people to sleep is a sure way create the fastest ride. Everywhere in 30 you get to dream. I love that kind of thinking....


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