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Written on 3:58:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I had gone for a week and i missed blogging. I have been so busy and got a fever for a few days from vaccine injections. Packing things is still in progress, buying things is on the way and there are so many things to do right now for the changes in my life, yea i am going to the US. next week.

There are 2 things that made me happy and cheerful.

1. Our Bangkok Planners Meeting is going good. Last Thursday, we got about 12 persons joining our meeting. We had fun talking about many topics. I am so sad that the next meeting will be my last time but I wish them the best. They are so lovely group of people with good intentions, wits, and warm hearts. Of course, we will keep in touch.
2. I created Adcenter'09 group in Facebook on May 2007. The group is pretty amazing. We chat, poke, meet, write, and read each other. We also form a good friendship before the school started as one of my fellow Adcenters, Brittany, stated here. I truly believe that we will blast the next 2 years together.

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