Slow pace of life


Written on 9:32:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Right now, I am in Bellevue - Seattle, a small room in the basement of landlord's house. I do really enjoy the scene - much less outdoor advertising than in Bangkok. Ironically, i fall in love with the city subconciously. I feel calm and harmony. I haven't exprienced the real downtown scene yet but i will do it today. I visited Mt. Rainier, a lovely place for hiking and driving. See more of pics at my Flickr.

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  1. johanna |

    gorgeous. I've always felt a sort of affinity towards Seattle. Last summer, when I didn't know where my future was going to take place, I emailed a lot of people in Seattle. I was glad to finally be able to visit last December, but that was only for a very short business trip and I didn't get to see anything :( I'll be back! When do you get to the East Coast?

  2. Gong Liu |

    i am glade you have so much fun there! Seattle is a lovely city, i was lucky enough to spend two months there interning last summer. unfortunately somehow never got the chance to make it out to Mt. Rainier.


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