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Written on 1:12:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I am going to start my life as a graduate student at VCU Adcenter real soon. Now, I am in Incheon International Airport in Korea. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the better air ticket so i had to transit here and wait for 6 hours to catch the flight to Seattle.

Yea, 6 hours sounds boring. It's not really. I walked around the airport, slept on a sofa, visited duty free shops, browsed an internet, and read a book.

I sprayed CK One Summer perfume on my right wrist and Giorgio Armani for Red perfume on my left wrist. My body odor is getting better or worse haha... Well, i will do it again when the smell is gone. See you again in Seattle, my next stop.

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  1. Kyle Wai Lin |

    hi oakie, so i jumped on the bandwagon and started an my adcenter blog...

    see you soon!


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