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Written on 1:40:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

At VCU Adcenter, we have the Adcenter Quote Wall near the computer lab. Here are some nice quotes...

"Oh my God, I got rejected by match.com" Holly H.
"I would taste test my product but it's the boy scouts" Leslie B.
"It's sad when one person goes to Costco to get a ream of bananas." Charlie H.
"Someone art directed that cupcake!" Slate D.
"He hates us...Do you think we could get a group discount on assisted suicide." anonymous
"The average stomach of a cocker spaniel can hold up to 12 balloons of heroin." Erica P.

And this is my quote "I don't use Tupperware, I use bamboo box."

Last Saturday, I went to the party and drew something nice on Joey's wall.

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  1. Bukes |

    I saw your quote about the bamboo box on the wall and I laughed for a solid 3 minutes.


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