Written on 5:25:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

When i was at Initiative Media, Mindshare and Carat, i think i got the most messy desk in the company. Why? I maybe not well-organized. I often kiddingly said "beware of snakes and rats" to my folks when thay came near to my desk. That's was my bad discipline.

Here is the deskcipline from wired magazine as well. I should read a million

1) Stack the knickknacks and pile up the papers until you actually see your desk's top.

2) Line up books and binders to establish a perimeter for your work area. Keep all extraneous items away from your keyboard and mouse.

3) Hit the Container Store. Magazine holders help isolate clutter. Folder organizers keep lower-priority projects from usurping valuable real estate. A document tray provides a target for paperwork that coworkers might otherwise toss haphazardly onto your desk.

4) Set aside a few minutes daily to clear your desk. If you have to, make it a standing appointment in your calendar.

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