How to stay awake in dull meetings


Written on 4:59:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

I found this article about "How to stay awake in dull meetings" from wired magazine. It might be useful for office workers. Read and try it

1. Open a window. Warm, stuffy rooms promote brain fog. Fresh air and street noise will help keep you alert even when the subject matter doesn't.

2. Apply (acu)pressure. Tap your fingers on your forehead, massage the muscles between your thumb and index finger, rub the base of your skull, or knead the spot below your knee. Touching your private parts could also perk you up, but HR might object.

3. Peel an orange. Or pop an Altoid. Citrus and mint aromas not only help you stay focused, they also reduce anxiety and frustration.

4.If you're the boss, have mercy. Don't schedule meetings between 1 and 4 pm. People get mighty drowsy after scarfing down their turkey sandwiches. And save those long, tedious speeches for morning sessions.

I think the boss should provide some chewing gums or mints in the meeting. For me, i often drink water to keep my mind awake and refresh. I really hate morning meeting :)

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