Dragon Air


Written on 6:29:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Hey guys, i am going to Hong Kong this Friday. I would like to reveal how i selected the airline this time. The factors are ....

1. Price - Thai Airways and Cathey Pacific were deselected coz too expensive. The Gulf Air, Dragon Air, and Emirates Air shared the same price range which is reasonable.
2. Time - Emirates was cut due to the flight back to BKK is too late. There were Gulf Air and Dragon Air left.
3. Personal Preference - Lastly, i selected Dragon Air because they serve HaagenDazs.

Hello Dragon air, i know you got Haagen Dazs. lol.

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  1. ozgur alaz |

    In istanbul, a medical clinic offers all visitors a Starbucks coffee. This small (and branded) thing is attract me to choose it.


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