Kill Thirst and Boredom


Written on 2:48:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Hey guys, see this iLove magazine from Australia. It's cool and innovative. They claim that they are the world's first magazine on a bottle (sounds great, doesn't it?) iLove magazine targets to the young, in-trend, and fashionable women on the go. The magazine features fashion, beauty, relationship, health, and etc. It's easy - just peel the strip and get the magazine on the bottle to read. The magazine itself is compact and convenient. There are six issues per month.

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  1. Anonymous |

    ilove is rubbish, have you ever read it? I have not seen it around for months, ithere is nothing new about it either....

  2. Anonymous |

    ilove has gone out of business, see, what did I tell you?

  3. Oakie |

    Oh really, pity iLove

  4. Lucky Bob |

    I have seen iLove at 7/11 and also heard that Coca-cola is putting a magazine on their bottle. That's something new! Definitively not out of business. Time will show, let's wait and see!


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