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Written on 2:01:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Last night, I was gratefully invited by my friend and fervently went to attend a special movie premier, called Ploy. Ploy is a Thai movie, directed by Thai well-know film director, Pen-ek Ratanaruang. Ploy is a highly detailed, erotic psychological drama in which a married couple and young girl are locked inside one hotel room. It starts with subtle suspicions and builds up to jealousy, as the appearance of a young woman triggers devastating consequences for a married couple. This movie acquires much public attention here and media and entertainment industry keep an eye on because it got selected to show in Cannes Film Festival.I got some observations below.

1. I am wondering after the movie hits the public this Thursday, how many girls will go to change their hair like this young girl (curly hair)?(I saw her in person, she is cute) I truly believe that some girls will set the trend.

2. Ploy movie is very artsy. The consequence is the majority of Thai people may not like it because it can be difficult to understand which leads to the compliments on the goodness of film from people in the industry, but not money from the mainstream. As we know it, Thai people are not that complicated although they are emotionally but they want to consume entertainment in a simple way. (That's why action and comedy are their favorites)

3. My favorite quote is
A young girl : Can marriage be expired?
A husband : Yes.
A young girl : Like a canned food?
A husband : sort of, canned food has expiration date printed at the bottom but marriage has not, it just expires.

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  1. Bigcityb |

    I checked out the trailer. It's interesting. I'm looking forward for this movie to reach me. Reminds me of 'Lolita'.

    Judging from the quote, the script must be quite witty.


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