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Written on 3:23:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Donkey's years ago, We know that the figure of ad messages viewers are exposed to has increased more and more. We have tried to solve many issues from clutter to ignorance. While some said TV is going to die, the introduction of TIVO / DVRs makes the shift in viewers' behavior. They don't just zap but fast-forward through ads also. This also caused the reluctance of NMR (here and here) to disclose the full information on DVR users because it will affect our zillion business.

In media planning (tv) side, I guess the dead of "position in break" is coming. The first spot of the break will not be a sweet deal coz people can fast-forward through the entire break. But looking on the bright side, the info of TIVO / DVRs will let us know our people in depth of their behavior and will lead us to connect them better. It gets harder. (pic via)

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