Swedish Innovation


Written on 10:43:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Yesterday, I attended an exhibition, called Improving Life : The design of Swedish innovations, at Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC.) After having a lunch and homemade ice-cream, i walked around the exhibition which was not big and it seemed to be nothing really. Until i stopped at a big tube full of matches, I attentively read the description - Safety match : Previously, matches were made with yellow phosphorus, which is poisonous and dangerous - it could be lit by striking them against any surface at all. Professor Gustaf Erik Pasch replaced the yellow phosphorus with red phosphorus , and divided the chemical ingredients ; so that the phosphorus was on the side of matchbox. Because these matches could only be lit by striking them against the side of box, they were safer. It was a fascinating fact to me that i never knew it before. Also i learned about the thorsman plug - a small anchor used to fasten screws into holes that can not be threaded. Oh Swedish are great, there are many great things came from these people.I learned that innovations are not only about new technology or online-based creation, as long as they have creativity, good design, and benefits for people. They are innovations and they are all around.

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