Will I dump Google?


Written on 12:59:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

We heard "Do you Yahoo?" then we heard "Do you Google?" For me, Google is my everything - my encyclopedia, second opinion, information mining, solution, slang, daily life. Until today, the day that i found Quintura, i think i like it (well, not enough to dump Google coz Quintura is still in beta.)

I admit that Google search is good but Quintura is beyond that. Quintura is a visual search engine based on Yahoo search engine. A search returns both a list of search results and a tag cloud. The tag cloud contains the original search terms surrounded by related tags. They apply clustering approach into the system. After playing around, i found it smart and helpful. But the design and layout of website are still lame.

Let me tell you something more graphic. When i entered "Carat"term in the search box and clicked enter, the left part of the screen showed the tag cloud of "Carat" term and on right-hand side was the search results.

Carat basically is a unit of mass of gemstones but if you move your mouse icon to "service" tag, the new search results will come out to be like Carat media agency and Carat Fusion interactive agency. (yeah, i am ex-Carat) + new related tag cloud will pop up. It sounds cool, doesn't it? This clustering technique also applies to the image searching as well. The battle of search engine is about to begin like seeing Decepticon and Autobots fighting.

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  1. erin |

    wow, cool site! thanks for sharing this.

    how did you get to be involved with case study addict? do you know those guys off-line too?

  2. neilperkin |

    Thanks Oakie - this is a new one.

  3. Oakie |

    hi Erin, i don't know those guys off-line. I was invited to join in contributing but i hardly do it. haha


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