From Seattle to Richmond


Written on 8:09:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

After spending about 10 days in Seattle, It's time to move to Richmond, VA. Phew! finally, I am in RVA. I got some random thoughts, well nice thoughts about things happened in Seattle.

1. It's awesome visiting my friend, Nunoo and his girlfriend, Kate. We had not met for a year and they welcomed me nicely. They brought me good times.
2. My first time visit to the US, and also first time eating Krispy Kreme. It was so delicious. (astonishing fact is if i want to open Krispy Kreme in my home country, I need 30 million dollars to show them, oh gosh)
3. The city of Seattle is so good. Luckily, when i was there, the weather was really nice - no rain at all.
4. While i was staying at my friend's room, his landlord took us cruising the bay area of Bellevue. He got a ship and is trying to sell one of his ships to someone. He is damn rich. (I passed by Bill Gates's house on the shore, a lovely home)
5. The landscape of Seattle is nice, no ridiculous and messy outdoor advertising like in Bangkok.

Thinking about VCU Adcenter, there are many things waiting for me.
1. I got course schedule last week. Well, it made me getting more excited about my classes and instructors.
2. I hope i can get along well with my classmates. Sometimes I may do something stupid and they will understand me. haha.
3. A thing that keeps challenging is my English proficiency. I want to read, listen, speak, write BETTER in English. Coming to the states is my great opportunity to develop my skills. Mates, excuse me for my broken English.
4. Yesterday, I got an email from Caley Cantrell, my strategic thinking class teacher, about the required readings. I am so excited about reading my many good books while i am here.

While i am writing this post, there is a first friday Artwalk down under my apartment. I gonna take a walk to view the event. Wow, I am so happy.

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  1. johanna |

    I am so happy that you're happy, Oakie. Welcome to the US. I want to say welcome to Richmond too, but I don't live there anymore so that wouldn't make much sense. You'll love Adcenter. If you sense any snarkiness about your English from anybody, just remember it means you probably speak one more language than they do. It's a strength, not a weakness. I love that all you want to do is learn and get better, though.

  2. Oakie |

    Thanks Johanna for your supports.I am really appreciated. I will definitely love Adcenter and my classmates.

  3. exitcreative |

    Yeah, man. You'll be fine. Good luck, and tell us all about it!

  4. Oakie |

    Clay, Thanks. Rock it!

  5. BBrown |

    oakie, i'm gonna have to agree with johanna...who cares about your English! It's awesome to be able to speak more than one language. I took French, Japanese and Spanish and sucked at them all! I think it's am impressive feat to take on another language and master it. So kudos to you my friend!

  6. Oakie |

    Thanks Brittany for your spirit.


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