Written on 7:29:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

A couple days ago, I got a forwarded email talking about 7-11's logo. What's wrong with it?, i questioned myself. The point is "n" letter of "ELEVEn" is the only one with a small capital letter, why? The email said something about 7-11's owner Feng Shui belief. With that small capital letter of "n." The owner believes that "n" depicts the picture of magnet of retail business like strongly attracting customers to the shops. Any another inputs on that "n" letter myth? I am not sure this is true or not.
I hope someone who named "the fan" area in Richmond got the strong belief in Feng Shui. Coz i wish the fan would be the fan that makes me feel cooler. Arrrggggg! HOT!

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  1. Gong Liu |

    good post oakie,

    i've never realized that about the "n" before. i'm not sure if it's true about the 风水(feng shui); but in design, the lower case letter make the logo more visually balanced. the upper case would be too right heavy.

    here's a feng shui tip for ya:
    never position your bed directly accross from the bathroom, it's considered bad luck.

  2. Oakie |

    Thanks for a typography tip.

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