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Written on 2:58:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

This post is going to be a fresh baked cake from an oven. Today is my first first class, creative thinking, here at VCU Adcenter taught by Professor Hall (love this word "Professor" haha) We touched on the basic terms which were Creative and Thinking definition. All of us had to speak in front of the class plus video recorder in front of us telling people a bit about ourselves and the definitions. I was the second person who came up and talked something which i can't remember now because i guess i was overwhelmed by each individual definitions of everyone in the class today.

It's good having a chance to speak my mind but it's better having a chance to listen to what others think about the definitions. The definitions that you can't find in any textbook or blog or even in Adage's Power150 blogs. Ours are unique and meaningful. Some were defined from their childhood, undergrad class, Adcenter's wall and friends.
What i absolutely learned from the class today is "to listen" like Professor Hall said, "It's crucial to listen to your peers and to respect them."

Yeah...listen to our classmates so we don't need to ask them the same questions again which are ...
*Where are you from?
*What's your name again?
*What's your track?
I am bored asking these questions coz life goes on.

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