What's hot this Spring2008 ?


Written on 9:05:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

It has been a long time that i hadn't checked out the fashion trend esp. men fashion. I came across at details magazine website and found Top 10 Spring looks. Here they are...

1. Hammer Pants : I have one nylon Hammer pants but i didn't bring them here.
2. Neon Signs : Just a glimpse of intense color.
3. Sheer Modesty : The classy way to do see-through.
4. Hockney Effect : I got no idea what it is. i will skip this one.
5. All Zipped Up : The biker jacket goes upscale. I think bigger zip is better.
6. The Shawl Thing : Does handkerchief work?
7. Flood Alert : Cropped pants hit the runway.
8. Synth Rock : From nylon to neoprene, non-natural fabrics.
9. Light and Layered : Muted color, weightless fabrics and effortless result.
10. Pajama Game : Pretty laid-back.

I like number 8 and 9 as the below photos.

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