Chad Kouri - Mixed media artist


Written on 5:43:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Stopped by Flavorpill website to find arts events in NYC, I found many pieces of art on the cover of the webpage. They are created by Chad Kouri.

All I know about him from his website is "Chad Kouri spends most of his time in alleys looking for wood, books, and other treasures to build out some elaborate found-art collage. The rest of his time is spent eating humus, playing guitar, and other things to pass the day. He has most recently taken up bench resting... a workout ritual much like bench pressing, but without all the lifting."

Personally, I really like his works. I like the way he put things together in one piece of art. Here are some samples of his arts I took from his website. I will try to catch up flavorpill website for their new cover artists. I think they are really cool.

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  1. Gong Liu |

    i like these a lot.


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