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Written on 12:13:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Just about a week, we will be going into year 2k8. For me, this year is really amazing. why?

1. I got accepted into the VCU Adcenter, the best advertising school in the US. and the school doesn't let me down at all. It's not about the reputation, new location, pride but it's about meeting new people. And they are friend. Friends who make me better and give me some life's lessons.

2. I miss my hometown so much. At this time last year, I was spending a quality time with my Thai friends at the resort and we were so happy. But living my life here in Richmond is not bad and makes me smile every day.

3. The Adcenter is a place i can think freely and not afraid to express crazy thoughts. I know this school is shaping my mind and thought.

Thanks for stopping by this blog and giving a comment. I hope all my blog reader will have a good time and great holidays for 2007. Merry Christmas :)

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  1. Katie Fitzgerald |

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the holidays! Did you go to NYC? I look forward to catching up next semester! Fitz.

  2. Slate Donaldson |

    Get ready for another tough year. But at least it is in a new building.


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