15 Weeks


Written on 4:26:00 PM by Oakie Chiraskamin

We are officially done for the first semester at the Adcenter. It's a moment that i had craved for since November. I did some good jobs and fair jobs or bad works but i know i am improving myself. The first 15 weeks taught me a lot not only advertising business and planning but also social interaction and team working.

I learned many things here from the scratch. I learned more about American's brands. I learned how to put myself toward and pull myself out of trouble. I learned to work with people and their personalities. I learn to embrace failure and imperfection and learn to cherish myself with victory and pride. I maximize and utilize my positivity for this school.

Next, It's time for myself. I want to do many things i could not do it during the school. I bought some books and magazines. I am planning my trip to New York and DC. I am thinking about building my portfolio and blogging more.

The next semester at the Adcenter will be fun and exciting. We will move to the new building, located a couple blocks away from my place. and Bye bye 1313 Main Street.

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