Quit Skittling


Written on 3:21:00 AM by Oakie Chiraskamin

Every morning (well, not really) i saw people drinking Red Bull to refresh themselves from drowsiness and fatigue. It is obvious that when you got many tasks to finish in one night or one day to survive the Adcenter, Red Bull is on the top list. For me I rarely drink it because I am distracted by Skittles. Skittles give me glucose to stay awake at night. I have been addicted to Skittles for 2 months. I bought a lot of Skittles presently. Now I realize that i need to stay away from that small round fruit chews.
I don't want to feel the rainbow anymore. My addiction was getting worse last week because one night i woke up at 4am. and i grabbed my rainbow candy and put them in my mouth. That's was too much. I want to quit Skittling.

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  1. Charles Frith |

    Hey Oakie. I've been trying to find out the origin of Gratin Daeng. Before it was made into Red Bull. Any idea?

  2. 日月神教-任我行 |



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